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Free Invisalign Consultation

Brushing and flossing your teeth at home is great, but it cannot remove all of the invisible plaque that accumulates on your teeth. When you leave our dental office, your teeth will feel sparkling clean and look great. Infections in your gum can give you bad breath and inflammation. If someone grinds their teeth at night, they could end up with teeth that are actually short. If you have a teen with crooked teeth, send them in for a consultation about Invisalign braces.

Cosmetic dentists are trained to turn your smile into one you can be proud to have. When you are not happy about the color of your teeth, we can cover them with dental veneers. Just take out your clear aligners and eat anything you want. You may bite the side of your mouth or your gums because of sideways or backward angled wisdom teeth that are coming in incorrectly. People who suffer from eating disorders will have excess acid in their system that can affect their teeth.

You may find that you will lose a tooth or have pockets next to your teeth if you have periodontal disease. When you notice your teeth are yellowed or stained, make an appointment for a professional teeth cleaning treatment. You can have your cavity filled with amalgam, porcelain or composite resin material. If you have missing teeth, a dental bridge can fill the gap and you will be able to chew better. Getting rid of plaque is easier if you brush your teeth and floss your teeth every day.

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